About Barb

Isn’t it magical when two things come together perfectly, as do nature and art?  How exciting to explore the world around us, satisfy an insatiable curiosity of nature through discovery and learning, and to share the wonders through art.  

Hi! My name is Barb Masinton. As a self-taught naturalist and artist, with over 30 years experience in botany, biology and  natural resources, I’m passionate about our natural world. Through art, nature journaling and prose I wish to inspire others to learn and care for the planet. 

So come along with me on my travels in the great outdoors, and watch as I fill up my journal pages with art depicting the filaments and fragments of a curious nature.

Nature’s Song
Stop! and breathe deeply
Look! closely, eyes wide open
Listen! for whispers

About Flambé

Ah yes, Flambé! My given name, although I think of myself as Kat.  Around about 2014, I naturally showed up on Barb’s creative doorstep, always smiling, popping in and out of all her art, regardless if the theme is imaginatively & whimsically tangled or a serious nature study. 

Along with forming the best part of Barb’s signature “chop,” I’m the heroine of some pretty wild and crazy tangled misadventures, sometimes pushing the 9-lives threshold to satisfy my insatiably curious nature (and appetite). I adore being noticed, whether I hide inside the story, or show up front and center. Barb says I make everything she creates more fun.  But in my mind, I’m just Kat, her komic relief and konstant kompanion!  


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