Almost fallen leaves

Our Smoke Tree is always one of the last to drop its leaves. While this tree tenaciously clings to its thousands of food makers, the leaves go through many stages of decay. Some remain purple-green but are polka-dotted with rusty red spots. Some more quickly change to brilliant yellow-orange with rusty splatters. Some display hints of green-brown and it’s these leaves that show the most insect spotting and damage.

One day, probably soon, the tree will get tired of the display, and just before a heavy frost or wet snow, it will stand bare with piles of multi-colored leaves lying on the ground, having dropped in one big fall.

Here’s a page from my perpetual journal that I created yesterday from a few leaves plucked from this pretty Smoke Tree.

Enjoy your seasonal changes wherever you may live!


  1. I really love how you captured the folds of the leaves and the shadows! I really enjoy all the stages of leaves turning, even the brown spots and various shades of yellow, orange and red. I am not familiar with Smoke Tree so will look it up!

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    1. Oh how I appreciate your comments, Karen! I struggle with shadows. Is there an easy way to create them? Smoke Tree …. If you haven’t found a link yet search on Cotinus sp. or follow this link
      Such a gorgeous tree than requires minimal water ( probably not a good choice for you). It gets its name from the profusion of delicate branching flowering stems and following seeds ….. makes the tree look cloaked in mist or smoke. Thanks for reading another of my posts.


      1. Very pretty tree! I haven’t mastered shadows yet, but did a workshop at Wild Wonder, so I just need to practice!

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  2. sgoodman56 says:

    So pretty. I’ll have to send you some of the pics of the maples in my neighborhood. I don’t remember them being this beautiful any other year!

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    1. Thanks Susan! Ahhhh …… maple leaves in the Smoky Mountains. Yes, please!


  3. Jean Mackay says:

    Fabulous! This came out great!

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    1. Oh wow! Thanks so so much, Jean! This was fun. You’re always an inspiration!


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