It’s a “New” Year…Happy 2023!

January 1, 2023

I usually don’t commit to a single word to spark my inspiration for an entire year … there are so many! But, as this is the beginning of a brand New Year, and so many New creative and adventurous opportunities lie ahead, I’ve decided to challenge myself with discovering all things “New!”  Ta-da …. My word for 2023 is officially “New!”

I’m constantly inspired by my creative friends who dare to explore New ways to express themselves …… Elaine who writes beautiful and sometimes unusual poetry …… Susan, Jane and all of my Zentangle friends, who turn inked lines into magic ….. and last, but far from least, Karen, a wonderful artist, kayaker and outdoor enthusiast, who captures her discoveries and adventures in her nature journals (visit Karen’s blog and see for yourself!  

And of course there’s my Konstant Kat, Flambé, who pushed and prodded me to create a New image of her curious and playful side.  So I opened a New journal to celebrate 2023, and redressed Kat anew.  A smiling Flambé must mean a good beginning to this New Year, right!

Now for the hard part …… I’ll strive to break out of my usual-usual, and explore New-to-Me things, along with trying some New approaches to my journaling and art. I’m certain Flambé will be keeping an eye on me, and I hope you do too. Stay tuned!  

Thank you followers ….. for being there and also for encouraging me to carry on.  I’d love to know what you like about my posts and what you’d like to see more of and/or New.  What and who will inspire and challenge you to be your best during this year-long journey that lies ahead as we take another spin together around the Sun aboard planet Earth?

Wishing you an exciting 2023, full of happiness and health, and most of all laughter and fun!


  1. Happy 2023, Barb and thanks so much for your generous comments on my creative adventures! I love your word, New! I love discovering new techniques, art supplies, beautiful places and I look forward to your discoveries as you journey into the new year! I really enjoy your travel journal pages as well as local hikes — the desert is so interesting and your drawing and descriptions are beautiful! When I see your new posts pop up, I am always excited to open it up and enjoy your descriptions and sketches!

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    1. I’m totally blown away by your comments, Karen! And truly, you are such a great source of inspiring creativity! Thanks very much! I really appreciate the feedback on my posts. It’s helpful knowing I’m sharing my world with those who “get it!” May all wonderful things come to light, S-l-o-w-l-y, in his exciting new year! Let schedule time to talk soon.

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  2. memnona says:

    Barb I wish you and your family and of course to Flambé a great and beautiful, all “New “Year, the 2023

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    1. Thanks you so very much! And Flambé says “meow!” May you also have a wonderful year ahead.

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  3. sgoodman56 says:

    Thank you for all your good wishes and back at you, Barb!

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    1. You are so welcome!


      1. sgoodman56 says:

        Art brought COVID home the day after Christmas from his visit with his boys. So he was positive and we tried to stay in our separate rooms but no surprise, I was positive last Friday. So that was my vacation time. After a couple days of feeling like I had a cold with a touch of flu, I am almost back to normal, although still testing positive today,
        Ho, ho, ho and Happy New Year!!

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