Chapter 220503: Flambé’s latest Misadventure …. A Serpent Totem, Free Floating Jellies, and FishFace on Parade ….. Up Bublz! 

May 3, 2022. Talk about your seafood buffet! Flambé, still famished from her last misadventure, obviously ogles the outrageous opportunity swimming in and out of a kelp forest. Fish! 

Easy pickings if she plans a stealthy approach and exercises patience.  What is a Kat to do?

Then all at once she spies, hidden in plain sight, an 18-eyed Serpent Totem ogling the same opulent feast of fillets, now with a juicy side of free-floating jellies! Naturally, being such a klever Kat, Flambé assumes serpent totem camo and joins their hunt. Only one more pass behind the kelp and that parade of fish will be within reach!

Does Flambé finally get to eat her fill? Do one or more of the 18-eyed Serpent Totem notice the furry feline fricassee tophat, targeting instead Kat for their dinner main course? Does the jelly flotilla release their stinging tentacles turning the tables on the stealthily executed hunt and take down Totem, Kat and all?? Does the suspense along with all the Bublz rising from the murky depths forewarn a hundred FishFaces and in a frenzy they take flight? 

Time will tell!

Patterns used: Divi, Gurdil, Oopsmi, Elojoe, Chimidle, Chunl, BUBLZ, Verve, Jenna

As always, Flambé invites you to follow her Zentangle-inspired antics (ZIAs) by visiting her page called Tangled Up, to see what trouble she always seems to find, past and present.


  1. memnona says:

    Wow, extraordinary beautiful and scarry in the same time. Flambé is very smart and she knows what to do in each situation. For sure she has a lot to eat in all this alien world ❣️❣️❣️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love your comments, dear Aga! Yes, I agree, Flambé is very smart! She has to be to get out of these crazy situations! Thanks! Have a great day!


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