Chapter 220606: Flambé’s latest Misadventure …. The Bugatorium is the Very Best of the Best

June 6, 2022. Bugatorium Day at the Zoo

Creepy, crawly and slithering slime
How can a Kat have a fine time, with bugs?

Find out how Flambé learned to rock on with bugs ……

Patterns used: Bubble-Up, Zeeuws Knopje, Snaking, Shell Flower, ‘Nzeppel, Lumpi, Cee-a-Mosa, Centipede, CD Joy, Click-Clack, Doodid, Dida, Riggle

Creepy, crawly and slithering slime….. How can a Kat have a fine time

Shaking hands with weird bugs flying high, lurking low, Perhaps just a quick peek and off she’ll go

To another exhibit more to her liking ….. Where there’s zero chance of stings or biting?

Curious and cautious, Flambé cracked opened the door, And to her amazement, there on the floor

Was a ruby-shelled snail crooning sweet Elvis tunes ….. To 12 newly hatched googly-eyed vinegarroons.

The centipede “raced” to escape being noticed ….. While above a blue-faced Zeeuws joined in the chorus ….


Cacophonous caterwauling. A party underway! With exuberant delight, Kat exclaimed, “It’s my day!”

And without further delay, donning her best doodid frock, Flambé leaped high into the sky with the winged Didas to rock.

Never ever did Kat imagine such fun at a slugfest; Bugatoriums are absolutely the very best of the best.

As always, Flambé invites you to follow her Zentangle-inspired antics (ZIAs) by visiting her page called Tangled Up, to see what trouble she always seems to find, past and present.


  1. So creative! Bugarium was a favorite place we visited in ABQ – fun for the whole family, and free!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Karen …. And Kat thanks you too for following her misadventures! So glad you got to see the bugs while in ABQ! Wasn’t it fun!


  2. memnona says:

    What an awesome, adorable and fun ecosystem! I love your ingenuity and creativity ❣️❣️❣️


    1. Wow and wow! Thank you so much dear Aga! I’m really so happy you enjoyed Flambé’s post!


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