Urban Sketching … Out and About In and Around Albuquerque

Late February to mid-April

Fascinated by the work that so many urban sketchers turn out, and further inspired by a few Sketchbook Revival 2023 sessions, it’s no wonder I wanted to try my hand at Urban Sketching. Joining the Albuquerque Urban Sketchers, my first outing was to a very iconic New Mexico shop called Jackalope. In some ways, this was a great place for lots of newbies (we didn’t have to brave the still freezing February temps), but then again it was very challenging. So many things to choose from! Here’s a few of my sketches. Because there were so many interesting trinkets, I decided to spend no more than 15 minutes on each, including some quick watercoloring.

This one was sketched from a life sized sculpture of a roadrunner. Meep! Meep!
This was sketched from a very typical Santa Fe-style painted wood cabinet. To me this style always looks like the furniture was hooked up to the hitch of a pick-up truck and drug down a dirt road at breakneck speeds! Luckily the very large rooster clay pot wasn’t hurt in the process.
Someone captured a photo of me working on my frog trivet sketch. You can see my dilemma deciding what to sketch! Stacks of trivets, all different, to choose from!
This was one of my attempts to urban sketch “solo.” I found a bit of early spring buds while waiting for Roy to finish up a doctor appointment.

All of that was really fun, but not as easy as some urban sketchers make it seem. So I began practicing and searching on-line for a bit of sage advice.

On Saturday (April 15th) the Urban Sketchers met again, this time at Old Town Farm, downtown Albuquerque. With the chance of sketching some rusted farm equipment and broken down barns, I wanted in on this event. And besides, the breezy day was supposed to be warm … ideal for a bit of plein air sketching! Well, on a Saturday, this place was buzzing with visitors, ranging from bikers and hikers; people sitting and enjoying a morning coffee and carrot cake; several teams playing something like bochi ball; venders; puppies for adoption. This definitely broke my fear of public sketching while giving me an opportunity to improve on my people sketching skills. Here’s what I found to draw in a few hours.

This was a pretty cool old barn, and still in fine shape. Looks like I could use lots of practice sketching old buildings! But I did meet several delightful women also trying their hand at barn sketching!
When I realized my barn sketch was going wonky, all I had to do was turn around and find this action scene! There were 2 teams of bowlers playing Pétanque (like bocci ball) in the dirt behind the barn, Here’s my quick sketch trying to capture their action and conversation. This was very fun. Afterwards I walked over to show them what I had done. The team leader was very excited about the sketch and asked if he could take a photo to use it as the team banner on their Facebook page! Of course I said, “Absolutely!”
Hard to resist drawing an old truck. Although not a rusty heap, this beautifully restored 1939 Ford V8 was just begging to be sketched. I had a little fun with the character of this truck, and never intended to make it a perfect replica. But this really suits my style. Have I found my happy style?

Hope you enjoyed my urban sketching efforts! Look for more posts in the future.


  1. You continue to inspire me, Barb! Fantastic idea to participate in urban sketching. I love your barn and old truck and the Ford emblem. I have a particular interest in old barns and rusty bits on old doors and windows. Thanks for sharing and planting the seed of joining urban sketchers for drawing & social time!


    1. Thank you so very much, Karen! The urban sketchers are such a lovely group of mostly women who seem to love sketching and socializing! And I’m also a big fan of old rusting memorabilia. It was a fun session!


  2. Michele Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!

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    1. What a wonderful comment, Michele! Thank you so much, and thanks for taking the time to read my posts!

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      1. Michele Lee says:

        It is my pleasure, Barb! 😊

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  3. The Urban Sketchiing photos so wonderful and more interesting 🤔
    All photos got unique and inspiring 👏👍🏻such a talented Author only
    can sketches these rare photos dear friend 🙏🌹♥️the explanation
    also awesome 😊 Best Wishes 👏🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comments always warm my heart, dear Thattamma! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed Urban Sketching, and think I’ll be doing more!

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      1. You are so special with your artwork dear friend, most welcome 🙏 🥰♥️

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  4. Tj Reilley says:

    Greetings Barb … your fan Tj Reilley here … via your friend, Jane Robertson.

    I so enjoy your ‘curious nature’ sharing and noticed the Urban Sketching at OT Farm and the Pétanque group sketch that they now use as their banner.

    They would like to credit you by name, if that’s what you would want, too … but couldn’t make out your signature exactly. See screen grab info below.

    Just passing this along … along with my hearty appreciation for the gifts of your soul that you share so willingly.

    Hugs, (I’m a hugger, what can I say?)

    Tj Reilley



    1. Hi TJ!! And hugs back at ya! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments, and for passing along the request from the pétanque group. As I’m not on Facebook and don’t know how to get in touch with the nice gentleman who photographed my sketch, could you help by letting him know my name. (Barb Masinton) I’d love to get a nod for the sketch. It was such a fun one to create.


      1. Tj Reilley says:


        Just posted on the ABQ Pétanque FaceBook site (see screen copy below).



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  5. Thanks so much TJ


  6. goodlifecp says:

    Every time I see your artwork I am blown away. Totally love it!


    1. Thanks so much Susan!


  7. sgoodman56 says:

    I’m always surprised at how much you accomplish in 15 minutes! Really like the people picture. My favorite is the one of you!!


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