Make Nature Journaling Your Cuppa Tea!

Ever have a tune in your head …. one you keep humming over and over again ….. you know, a persistent ”ear worm” that just won’t quit?

About 3 weeks ago that was me. I have been looking for ways to get “kids” of all ages as excited about nature journaling as I am, so with that insistent tune rattling about my brain, I picked up my ukulele and began to strum ….

…. just a few simple chords. Then ……….

I grabbed my pen and a ream of paper and wrote and rewrote. Inspired by John Muir Laws’ Nature Journaling mantra, “I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me Of”, my lyrics began to fall into place. After switching from one key to another, numerous drafts and a lot of singing to Roy and Luna, my song was born! The link below will take you to my video recording, which I truly hope you enjoy as much as I did in its making. Be sure to listen for the cicada whinny buzz-saw background orchestra that tried to drown out my strumming and singing!

Rhythm of the World

Here’s the lyrics, if you find yourself wanting to sing along.

Just the lyrics with Flambé

And here’s what I did to embellish the lyrics …. somehow I squeezed in all of the critters!

Embellished Lyrics

And that’s it for my post today! Something totally different.

Other than sharing a few pages from my journal last year where satisfied my curiosity about a bunch of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects by completing 112 different continuous line and blind contour drawings. What a fun project and wow, did I learn a lot!

For such a tiny fox, he really had huge pointy ears!
Meet Bud!
Meep! Meep!

Are you a Nature Journaler? If not, are you inspired to try your hand at Nature Journaling? Let me know!


  1. What a delight, Barb! You are so talented! I hope you are going to send this song link to John Muir Laws! Love the Luna cameo. 🙂 Fun facts about the fox (their hearing is amazing!) and owl (scattering dung — yikes!), and the adorable Roadrunner! Wow, they can catch rattlesnakes! Thanks for sharing your amazing song and talent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy you liked this post! Yeah, Luna had my back, so to speak! I wouldn’t know how to send the post to JML! Maybe he will just discover it, somehow! Thanks for the encouragement.


      1. I know how to reach him (let me know if you want to let him know about your creative song!)

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Karen! Yes, I may wish to share the song with him! Please let me know the best way to get in touch with him! Thanks.


  2. elainebhills says:

    Loved it! What a fantastic pulling together of all the fun, phenomenal diversity of nature- and great rhythm too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thanks! It was fun. I had too many critters to pick from for the song tho. Maybe if this goes viral, I can add verses?! Hahahaha! Meanwhile, sing this for your new grandson when he’s born! After all, I did write it for “kids”! Again, thanks for the comments, Elaine!


    2. memnona says:

      You are a great talent. Congratulations 👏👏❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Such a generous compliment! Thanks so much for listening to this post! It was fun!

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  3. Carol Wright says:

    Wow! It has been years since I heard you play and sing, I forgot what a beautiful voice you have my friend. I did not know that you could also write lyrics and music…..dang it Barb this is wonderful. I loved watching you sing and it made me wish I was there to give you and Roy both a hug and of course finally meet Luna!🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, Carol! I’m overwhelmed by such generous comments and compliments! Thank you so much! Next to Nature Journaling and the outdoors, wildlife, and of Course Roy and Luna, my next passion is ukulele and singing. Songwriting? Well, that’s just going to be something for fun! I don’t expect this ditty to go viral or anything, but I had a lot of laughs putting this together. And I mostly did it with kids in mind, but we’re all still kids, right? Roy and I will take virtual hugs anytime (would prefer the real thing tho), and Luna says Woof! Come meet her anytime! Again, thanks for following my blog posts. PS If you happen to sing this song for the grandkids, let me know!


  4. I’m not a nature journaler, but I have kept a journal for years now, and I have to say, yours is definitely inspiring. I’m far from an artsy person, but I also maintain a sketchbook, and I just love how you lay out your pages, as in the text and the drawings sit together so well. Anyway, thanks for sharing, Barb!


    1. Hi Stuart! Thanks so much for the awesome comments. And very cool that you also journal and sketch. I believe being “artsy” is not a requirement to nature journal. All that’s really needed is curiosity and a desire to learn. I’ve seen lots of journals with mostly written observations. For me, the art side of it just keeps getting easier with daily practice! Thanks again for following my posts!


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