Chapter 230603: Flambé’s latest Misadventure ………………. The Full “Strawberry” Moon of June.   

mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm ….. 

Strawberry Fields Forever ……. John Lennon

I tried to resist, but why? And that’s exactly what Flambé thought when on this night of the Full June Moon, a delectable “forever” buffet of royal red strawberries glistened with sweet goodness before her. Read on to discover how Kat finally decided which one of the countless strawberry confectioneries sprawling before her, she indulgently picked. Spoon optional! 

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Chasing a Dream … a poet, a few goats, and a circular pantoum : March 3, 2023

March 3, 2023

A dear friend of mine, and poet, is constantly inspiring me with her skill in creating original and verbally illustrative prose. I love the visual images she can conjure with perfectly chosen and placed words. Happily, my collection includes many of her award-winning pieces, including poems she has penned to interpret beautiful works of art. Amazing!

Wanting to send her a unique birthday gift, complete with an original poem and illustrations, became my challenge. And what a challenge!

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Make Nature Journaling Your Cuppa Tea!

Ever have a tune in your head …. one you keep humming over and over again ….. you know, a persistent ”ear worm” that just won’t quit?

About 3 weeks ago that was me. I have been looking for ways to get “kids” of all ages as excited about nature journaling as I am, so with that insistent tune rattling about my brain, I picked up my ukulele and began to strum ….

…. just a few simple chords. Then ……….

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Escapito #1 Focus Study: The Ballad of Goatheads Galore

I remember all too well our brief stay at Percha Dam State Park, and the little drama our dog, Luna, experienced while we were searching high and low for the elusive rufous-backed robin. Our birding naturally took us down sandy trails beneath the cottonwood gallery lining the Rio Grande River. Disappointed we never did see the robin, we were relieved when we got Luna back to BagoBago. Whew ……. I vowed to cement the memory in my mind by composing a ballad of her experience! Read on for the full story.

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