Welcome Autumn!

So much rain! Not complaining ….. we need the moisture. But with days of drenching rain falling in the East Mountains and the Sandias this entire week, summer seemed to flip into Autumn in a matter of days.

Trying to capture the last remnants of fading flowers, I was inspired by a remarkable naturalist and artist, Jean Mackay, to get out there and rescue blooming bits before everything turned brown and crunchy.

Thanks Jean, for the encouragement, and always helpful tips and techniques in creating interesting journal pages. My hike this morning revealed some surprise bloomers that I wanted to remember in my nature journal.

And thanks to my many followers for your continued interest in my discoveries!


  1. janeottawa says:

    Oh, Barb, you definitely need to put a book together!!

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    1. Wow, and thanks Jane! Maybe if you construct your webpage, I’ll be inspired to pursue publishing something!


  2. Wonderful page to remember the last of the fall plants before they get crunchy! I also find Jean Mackay’s pages incredibly inspiring! Looking forward to the mushrooms popping up over the next few months here.

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    1. Thanks so much Karen! Enjoy your upcoming mushroom season!


  3. Sorry I didn’t comment on this already. As you now know, I was away last week, so I’m just catching up. I’m glad you got out there to look and record. Maybe all that rain will bring some good things to your dry landscape.


    1. Thanks so much Jean! I knew you had to be away exploring … and you were!


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