Intermission: Searching for Spring

January 14-15, 2023

Right now I’m watching it snow …… again. Logic tells me this moisture is so necessary for our drought-stressed juniper and piñon pine that provides year-round food and cover for a host of birds and mammals that call the East Mountains home. Our annual and perennial wildflowers, oaks and native shrubs depend on winter rains and snows to flourish in the growing season. So I say, “bring it on, Mother Nature!”

But by January and February I do tire of brown. My animal brain needs of a shot of “Spring Green” this time of year. Just a little bit to carry me through the winter; a tiny bit in anticipation of full-blown Spring is just the ticket!

This is why we take regular trips down our mountain to enjoy the Albuquerque foothills. It’s amazing the difference a 2,000 foot change in elevation can make in nearly everything.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love living at 7,300 feet, in the shadow of majestic Sandia Mountain, and in the winter we sometimes experience days of cloud cover and fog. So down the mountain we go, in search of sun, warmth, and Spring Green.

And to my delight, here’s what I found! “Nature’s first green is gold.” And indeed it is!

What’s nature displaying in your world right now?


  1. Sue Leslie says:

    White and more white. Been snowing the last 2 days, but not much accumulation. We’ll see what tonight brings. But then we are at 8000 feet so that’s what I expect this time of year.


    1. Hahahah! You’ll need to dig deep to find hidden “green gold!” Stay warm in that rarified air!


  2. So gorgeous photo with beauty of nature and the lines inspiring dear friend 🌹👌❤️
    Grace wishes 🙏🤩

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    1. Thank you very much!

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      1. 🌷🙏♥️🌷😊

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  3. So glad you found some green to gaze at on your brief break from the snow! The rosettes are very pretty. Green is the word here in the PNW, mild Temps and surprisingly sunny weekend — we enjoyed a gorgeous forest hike in our local mountains. Stay safe and cozy!

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    1. Thanks so much, Karen! Your news about a surprising sunny weekend is definitely a surprise what with all the rain rain rain happening in CA! Hope your nice weather holds and more woodland hikes are in your future.

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  4. sgoodman56 says:

    Daffodils are coming up and our lawn is still green from last year. The gold finches are gold again, Seems early to me, but it’s a lovely sight.


    1. Take it and run with it! Truly a lovely sight. I’d love to be seeing flowers popping up everywhere!


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