February “Littles” Seeds, Pods, and Other Curiosities

March 13, 2023

Like my January “Littles” page of the bird species that visit our feeders in winter, here’s another “Littles” to commemorate the not-quite-winter-or-spring month of February ….. Seeds and Seed Pods.  As a way to pass the time while waiting for Roy to finish up with a doctor visit, Luna and I conducted a focused scavenger hunt along a 2 mile circuit surrounding a large Albuquerque shopping mall. In no time at all, my collection bag was full.   But knowing my pages would need some local flavor and color too, I scavenged a bit longer and turned up a few more curiosities.    

Like with January’s page of birds, sketches of the species of seed pod and seeds (if collected) took less than 5 minutes each; my watercolor pencil paintings took about 10 minutes each. The restaurant logo and the frog design took a bit longer, and were done using my photos as reference. 

I’m not sure why it took nearly the entire month to decide what to do for my February “Littles.”  In hindsight, the decision should have been obvious, because I love seeds and the seemingly unlimited variety of pods.  Now I have a record of a few city seeds that will soon germinate, helping change the landscape from brown to spring green! 

Let me know what you think! I’m looking forward to March, when wildflower seedlings will be popping up which may appear in a few “Littles” boxes as well!

Thanks to “Made by Fay” for the “Littles” inspiration!


  1. Wonderful seed page, Barb! Somehow, I’m drawn to the brown, dried seed pods and flower heads of winter. Soon the energy contained inside these seeds will no longer be contained! I have been looking at buds lately and I think they will make a great “littles” page, thanks to the inspiration of you and Fay!

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    1. What a super idea, Karen! A “Littles” page dedicated to buds. I love it. It’s so exciting here watching brown change to green. A few native shrubs are livening up, and today I nearly tripped over myself to admire the first trailside wildflower in bloom …. commonly known as scrambled eggs! Popped it into one of my March “Littles” cubbyholes! Can’t wait to get out there tomorrow! Thanks so much for the comments. Aren’t seeds and their houses awesome!


  2. Helene Engle says:

    Every time I see your work I am awe struck! Must I search for a publisher for you? Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Hahaha! You make me giggle, Helene! Hi! Hope you’ve been doing great and weathering this winter well. Thanks so much for following my blog posts. So much fun!


  3. Made Byfay says:

    Such a fun Littles page, Barb! I love the variety of seed pods you found on your walk. It is wonderful to find something from nature to sketch, even before plants start coming up. I like the earthy colors. What a fun page.

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    1. Thanks so much, Fay …. and thanks for the continuing inspiration! I knew I’d love the “Littles” page format to keep me thinking of ideas. The scavenger hunt was one I’ll likely use again. But my March double page is already taking on your day by day approach, as long as my daily hikes reveal a new bloomer! I may even capture a few more seed pods to fill in the blanks!

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